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Healing Transformation

Healing Solutions has so many satisfied clients that it is difficult to put them all here, but here are a few of the wonderful healing trasformations that have been facilitated by Dr Carolee Johnson.

Suicidal Thoughts, and Self Confidence Healed!

I still cannot believe how wonderful, I am feeling.

I attended our school’s P&F meeting last night and chaired what could have been a disaster (in the past for me) as I would have contributed to the stressful situation that arose but, instead, I delt with the situation with calm, confidence and poise bringing about a very good outcome for all. This has was noted by my staff which includes Ann-Maree Watson (a recent client of yours, as has been other members of her family including her husband, Alan).

I am so full of life, love and happiness and so glad I was did not take the drastic step of ending my life many years back when I thought life was never, or could never, get any better than the dark world I was living every day.

Your always

Adrian Smith


Kidney Issues Healed

I began to work with Dr. Carolee Johnson in February of 2012. I was desperate—and willing to ‘think outside the box’ about restoring my health. I was impressed with what I read related to the science of quantum physics and hoped that my treatment with Dr. Johnson, of Quantum Techniques, would provide a new approach that held promise.

After visiting the Quantum Techniques website five times, I finally ‘bit the bullet’, chose Dr. Carolee as my practitioner, and jumped in with both feet. After working on the kidney/bladder issues I had struggled with for literally 50 years, within 5 months, I was virtually restored to a functional, comfortable healthy state with my renal system.

I found Dr. Carolee to be very knowledgeable, thorough, and devoted to helping me regain my health. She is compassionate, and she encouraged me along the road in ways that I needed. The end result is that I am healthier now than I have been for the majority of my life!

I am very grateful to Dr. Johnson for helping me so profoundly in this healing journey.

Cheri Armstrong



Anger Issues Healed

Dear Carolee,

 I would like to say that you have been such a bright light in my families life. The help you have given to my son has stayed with him and he is a happier young man for it and a lot less filled with anger. His terrible rash that he lived with for a long time is gone and he believes as I do that that has to do with your work with him. My daughter is more calm, confident and seems to be speaking up more and comfortable with her path. She too has less and less of a skin breakout. As for me, you have touched me in so many ways. Your work with me has helped me with my children, my fiancé and especially myself. As we all have upheavals in life it is you I recommend and you I would call in an instant! Thanks for all your help!

Warmly, Jackie

Rock Port ME 2013

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