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Learn About Healing Chronic Pain And Many Other Issues

Dr Carolee Johnson

This teleclinic, presented by Dr Carolee Johnson, reviews chronic skin issues at their deepest level, addressing underlying problems that contribute to skin issues. She covers some of the foods and herbs that help to heal the skin, some of the emotional issues that affect the skin and some therapeutic things that help the skin to cleanse, detox and heal. Dr. Johnson suffered with chronic eczema for 32 years, and offers her experience and expertise in healing these types of issues. Hosted by: Dr. Carolee Johnson Recorded: January 11, 2011     Duration: 60 Minutes     Transcript Included: 20 Pages 

Learn About Healing Digestion

Dr Carolee Johnson

Part 1 Quantum Techniques practitioner  Dr. Carolee Johnson presents part one of this very important three part teleclinic series.  In this installment, Dr. Carolee will be providing a broad discussion on how digestion can act like allergies and actually cause sinus problems, carminative herbs that help digestion, sooth the digestive tract, and help ease gas and bloating, how digestion can trigger anxiety, and the importance of bowel cleansing.  Recorded: March 27. 2012 Duration: 1 hour.  Includes Transcript:  21 pages Part 2 Quantum Techniques practitioner  Dr. Carolee Johnson presents part two of this very important three part teleclinic series.  In this installment, Dr. Carolee talks about leaky gut syndrome causes and cures, parasites, neurotransmitters and fungus.  Recorded: June 6. 2012  Duration: 1 hour.  Includes Transcript:  23 pages Part 3 In this installment, Dr. Carolee will be talking about celiac disease, and how grain gluten affects not just our digestion causing celiac, but our entire body including blood sugar and even our central nervous system.  We will discuss how gluten contributes to weight gain and a myriad of other health issues including diabetes, skin problems and more.   Recorded: March 3. 2013  Duration: 1 hour.  Includes Transcript: 19 pages

Learn The Truth About Food Additives

Dr Carolee Johnson
In this teleclinic on food additives, Dr. Carolee Johnson discusses how much they affect our health and contribute to chronic pain. You learn about using Quantum Techniques to make better food choices, and how to initiate a detox with herbs and Quantum Techniques. Prepare for this event by listening to the Detoxification Teleclinic with Dr Stephen and Beth Daniel. Hosted by: Dr. Carolee Johnson, ND, MH Recorded: May 31, 2011     Duration: 60 Minutes     Includes Transcript: 21 Pages