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Dr Carolee's healing story

Interview of Dr Carolee Johnson conducted by Beth Daniel

Beth Daniel: When did your health trouble begin?

Dr Carolee: I think my health issues started when I was born. I had a terrible case of eczema, and my digestion was very poor. I was extremely small for my age, and when my mom would take me to the doctor they would tell her take me home and feed me more, that was all they could do. This was back in the early sixties, and there wasn’t a lot of knowledge available. But by the time I was seven months old I still did not even have the strength to roll over let alone learn to sit or crawl. By the time I was 2 years old I only weighed 17 pounds. So I got off to a little bit of a rough start in life health wise. An uncle finally took me to a naturopath while my parents were out of town, and he changed my diet. He put me on a natural diet after which time I improved considerably.

Beth Daniel: When did your health start giving you trouble again.

Dr Carolee: I did really well up until the time I started having children. When I started out with my first child I noticed that my heart started keeping an uneven rhythm at times. It kind of worried me because I knew my dad had deformed heart valves, and had heart trouble all his life, and my older brother had the same deformity but it was a lot worse. He had heart surgery when he was twelve years old, I am sure he was scared, but it was kind of traumatic for me because He told me that the doctor was going to cut his chest open with a saw, and my parents told me that I was to pray that he lived. So too a ten year old it’s kind of like a real life Frankenstein movie. And then as a teenager when I would run in track and my left shoulder would burn all the way up my neck, I never told anyone, because I still had visions of doctors with saws dancing in my head. And when I started having children the last thing I wanted to do was believe I had a heart problem. So at that point I kind of went into a denial state. I wanted to have a happy normal life with children. I didn’t want to have any heart problems. But with each child I had more trouble, and then I had a kidney that started having trouble. So I went to the doctor and they gave me antibiotics for the kidney which seemed to put the infection in remission, but it would keep coming back. And I told them that my heart would jump all the time and keep an uneven rhythm. So they gave me a one minute EKG. During that one minute, my heart kept an even rhythm, so they told me I was fine and to go home and take my antibiotics. I had also had an ultrasound after my second daughter and they told me I had something growing in my uterus that was not normal. Because of a really bad experience with my daughter and her kidney problem that required surgery I didn’t like doctors anymore, so I went home and tried to deal with my trouble by myself.

Beth Daniel: What Happened with your daughter

Dr Carolee: She was four years old and she started complaining that she was tired all the time, and her complexion became very pale with dark circles under her eyes. I took her in to have her checked. They found a kidney infection and gave her antibiotics. We went back in for a follow up only to find out the antibiotic had done absolutely nothing. So they put on something stronger, and same thing it did nothing. So they gave her a new medication for the infection and still nothing changed. So they sent her to an urologist who X-rayed her kidneys and found one kidney had completely shut down and hardened to a small knot and the other kidney was enlarged to take on the work of both kidneys. They told us she was in a really bad situation that would require a ureter reimplant. My doctor told me that I should have the urologist at the hospital do the surgery otherwise he would not be there, and that I should not take her to children’s hospital like I wanted too. The doctor told me she would need to be in the hospital for about ten days. So two days after the surgery, the doctor came in and told me that he would need to get my insurance information. I told him I did not have insurance. They had me out of the hospital with my daughter that very day. So there I was being discharged from the hospital holding my very sick little girl, with no idea how to take care of her. I took her home, she was in a tremendous amount of pain. The next year I took her back in for a check up before she started kindergarten, and they found that her kidney was enlarged again, but this time it was the good kidney that had become infected, and the doctor acted angry with me that I hadn’t done something before. I thought I had done everything. I didn’t know, but he treated me like it was my fault, and ordered me back to the urologist. I felt like if they operated on her other kidney that she wouldn’t last, so I took her home and decided I was done with doctors, and I would find a way to get her better myself. This was when I really became interested in alternative medicine. I started looking for information, and found an article that said garlic would kill infection and strengthen the bodies organs, and leafy green things like parsley would heal the kidneys. So I blended those two herbs together and fed it to her by the spoonful. Her tiredness went away after a few weeks, and her complexion started to get more rosy, and she started acting healthy! And I thought to myself wow that worked and it didn’t cost me ten thousand dollars.

Beth Daniel: At what point did you realize that you yourself were in a dire situation.

Dr Carolee: Right after the birth of my last child, I became so weak that I could hardly walk across the room without passing out. The pain in my left shoulder and arm was constant. My toes on my left foot would go numb. I couldn’t stand to get cold because it was so hard for my heart, and it would stop and then hit really heard against my chest and it would really hurt and scare me. My uterus started to bleed all the time instead of just during cycles, and I knew I was in a whole lot of trouble. I knew I was really sick, but I didn’t want to go to the doctors because a close relative had had a heart transplant a few years before that and she lasted three years, and then a nurse gave her a pain killer she was allergic to. She told the nurse she didn’t want it that she was allergic to that, and the nurse became irate and insisted she take it because the doctor said so. She did and in an hour she was dead. There was no way I was taking my problem to the doctors. It was kind of like a no win situation.

Beth Daniel: What happened to bring you to the reality of your situation and make you realize that you were in trouble.

Dr Carolee: I guess I must have had an angel on my shoulder because my son came up the stairs one morning and told me that he had had a dream. He’d dreamed that I had chosen to die. The dream was very real and he was nearly in tears. And he said “Why momma, why would you ever choose to die?” he said “I could see that it was going to be a long hard road for you, momma, but you could do it! Because I would help you!” I knew that it was a true dream, and that by doing nothing, I was choosing to die. I also knew that this child standing there in front of me would never have a normal life if I were gone. That with a father who worked all the time, that this child would become the one responsible for raising his younger siblings, and I couldn’t’ bare to put him through that kind of hardship. I made the decision then and there that I would find a way to stay alive no matter what it took. I couldn’t stand to think of my children trying to navigate life alone. It was kind of like leaving a batch of kittens to the wolves.

Beth Daniel: What did you do?

Dr Carolee: I didn’t know what to do, so I did the only thing I could think to do and that was to get on my knees and start begging for help, and hope somebody heard me. I knew I didn’t have any faith at all in the medical system. I had already been to them, and they had nothing that I felt could help me. So I started searching for something else, and I started to get answers. The first thing I did was changed my diet and started to do some cleansing, but it wasn’t an easy road and at one point I tried to do too much. I was over in the little country store when the pain in my shoulder got really bad and went across my chest and up my neck into my jaw and it felt like somebody sucker punched me. I collapsed onto the floor. My husband who was nearby had learned some things about herbs with me, and knew hot pepper would help my heart. So he grabbed a bottle of tobasco sauce off the shelf and ran to where I was and started dumping that down my throat. It eased my pain to where I felt like I could breathe again, but I was very weak, and I refused to go to the hospital. My husband got me home, and we had a scary few days. I continued to juice fast and cleanse, and my strength started to return after several months. I continued to put myself through course after course of alternative healing methods as I had the strength trying to regain complete health. But even though I had managed to regain much health and strength with raw food and herbs and hot and cold water, but I still had to be very careful how much I did. Every day that I woke up in the morning still alive, was earned. It was like I got a small allotment of energy each day and I had to be careful how I spent it. I gained some serious ground in the energy department when I saw the tumors come out of my uterus. It was a wonderful relief, but I still was not very strong. I got to the point where I felt like I had learned all there was to learn about alternative medicine. I figured that this might be as good as it was going to get.

Beth Daniel: What was it that made you continue your search for better health?

Dr Carolee: I started having anxiety attacks out of the blue. I thought it was my heart giving me trouble again, but I couldn’t understand how it could be my heart. I hadn’t had the pain in my shoulder or neck for a year. I had taken enough cayenne that day to keep my blood thin for a week. My neighbors called for help and an ambulance rushed me to the emergency room. At the Hospital, they didn’t run a single test or check anything, they just ordered the nurse to shoot me up with a powerful blood thinner. I tried to tell them that my blood was already thin, but they wouldn’t listen to me, and kept trying to give me medication without even looking at me. I knew that I had a ton of capsaicin in my blood and if they gave me a blood thinner I would bleed to death. So I refused to let them do anything to me until my husband arrived. When my husband finally arrived at the hospital he told them that we wouldn’t be taking anything for my heart. They ran some stress tests before they let me go, and found that even though my heart didn’t keep an even rhythm the whole time, they felt that my heart was in satisfactory condition. So they handed me a ten thousand dollar bill for staying the night in their hotel from He_ _, and eating one very bad meal and discharged me. After that the anxiety got worse until I felt like I was walking around in a state of shock all the time. I started to search for answers again. And I prayed with all my heart to be free of this terrible constant fear. I had read about energy medicine, and I was under the impression that it was just some feel good stuff that was practiced by middle eastern gurus, and that it didn’t actually do anything.

But one day a relative came in and a dropped a book in my lap and told me she had found a good book she really liked. She hadn’t really understood it herself, but thought I might since I was into alternative health. It was by Gary Craig. I was ready to try anything that would bring relief, so I read the whole thing and I tried some of the tapping methods. They worked on some things, but nothing touched the anxiety. It would bring it down for a short time, and then it would come right back. I decided to order his DVD’s and learn more. I kept trying and trying because I could tell it was doing something, but progress was slow. Then, on the DVD there was this short little section with Dr Stephen Daniel and his fiancé Beth. I watched him, and he seemed to emanate compassion. He wasn’t just there for the show, he didn’t make derogatory remarks about anyone else’s method, like I had seen another man do on the DVD. He genuinely cared and believed his method would heal people, and was there for the benefit of others. I was impressed, and decided his method was the next step for me, and hopefully the answer to my troubles. I called in and found that this was the answer to not only the anxiety, but to everything.

Even with all I had done, I was still spending most of my day lying in front of the fireplace feeling weak, and wondering if I would ever feel completely well. I would take a walk every day, but if I ate very heavy then my kidney would hurt, and then I would be more tired and then my heart would have trouble. I was just always tired. I couldn’t even think straight sometimes. But when I started Quantum Techniques I couldn’t believe the immediate healing results I received. Just as an example I would try to jump on my mini tramp three times per week hoping it would help bring up my energy, but after about ten minutes I would be so tired I could do no more, but I kept trying because I believed that moving my body just had to work. After about eight weeks using quantum techniques I was able to do sometimes up to 45 minutes three times a week! Amazing! I found out that even though my diet was careful and mostly raw, I was still getting a lot of the wrong foods for my body. Quantum techniques unique methods allowed me to find which foods worked for my body and which foods did not until I gained enough strength to have some of the foods I could not eat before. After about 8 months or so I was also able to gain weight that I never could before. Even when I was having children, I never gained much weight. I had never realized that there were so many reasons underlying my lack of energy and health troubles. Who would have thought that a little fungus could cause so much trouble..or viruses..or even emotional trauma..or beliefs. I knew after the anxiety started to clear that I had to learn this method that almost seemed like magic! When I told my family about it they were a little skeptical, and so I told them that if I went to little house on the prairie and told Charles Ingles that we could take him in and do an MRI and take a look at his brain, he’d think I was nuts! Something that is so far advanced that it seems like magic to us, is just something we have yet to grasp the full potential of. But when my family saw the results I was getting, they all wanted to try it too. And they got excellent results too.

Beth Daniel: What made you decide to become a quantum techniques practitioner?

Dr Carolee: Well I was a natural health practitioner already even though I was still limited myself, and when I would get these amazing results, I would feel like I just had to know how to do this. It was kind of Beth and I were both in the same battle, helping others regain their health, and I looked over at Beth, and Beth’s sword was way bigger than mine! And I’m thinking, ok I need a weapon like that! She’s getting the job done! And I’m working harder, and getting only half the results! So I decided to become a Quantum Techniques practitioner, and I love doing it!


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