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Break Stone

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Break Stone 

What It Does

This tea helps dissolve minerals in the kidneys and urinary system, and

in the liver and gallbladder.

The herbs in this formula have been shown to have several useful actions

to promote health. Healthy urine flow, cleansing functions and dissolving

calcium deposits. Herbs such as Uva Ursi Leaf, Juniper Berry, Cornsilk,

Horsetail Herb, parsley Leaf, and Root and others in this formula have

been used for centuries as diuretics. Gravel Root, Hydrangea Root and

Chanca Piedra have all been shown to dissolve calcium deposits.

These herbs contain powerful phytochemicals, such as volatile oils, arbutin

quercitin, and malic acid, and galic acids. Arbutin supports a healthy clean

urinary tract. Quercitin protects the trillions of capillaries in the delicate

kidney filtering system.


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