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Dr Carolee Johnson

Dr Carolee specializes In Chronic Illness, Chronic Pain, 

Unhealed Emotional Issues, Limiting Beliefs, and Trauma, 

PTSD, OCD, Anxiety, Phobia, Family Struggles, Abundance, 

and Much More!

Born for a Reason

In Born for a Reason, Dr. Carolee Johnson delivers a powerful message and action plan to help you break through every limiting belief you have experienced and discover your divine purpose. Through muscle testing, you can pinpoint the deepest core beliefs that hold you back from finding that purpose and achieving everything you have ever dreamed of. Johnson shares the secrets of the Quantum Techniques trauma code, a powerful tool for releasing trauma and phobias from your body. She then presents seven laws learned from a variety of sources designed to aid you in learning that your higher sacred self is capable of anything.

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Healing Solutions

Specializing In Chronic Illness, Chronic Pain, Unhealed Emotional Issues, Limiting Beliefs, and Trauma, PTSD, OCD, Anxiety, Phobia, Family Struggles, Abundance, and Much More!

Cutting Edge Energy Health Techniques

is Quality Alternative Health Care At It's Best!

Your Healing Transformation Begins Here!

Learn to reconnect with yourself, your spouse, and God.

Learn to give your spirit dominion over your body, and release fat, pain and illness.

Witness the transformation of your body, health, life and abundance.

Discover your divine purpose, and your higher sacred self that is capable of anything!

Learn to find and breakthrough every limiting belief that you have ever experienced.



Dr Carolee can facilitate this type of healing, and teach you how to heal yourself!

Many times your unconscious emotions and negative limiting beliefs are the root cause of health issues, family problems or even abundance issues.

With intuition and muscle testing Dr Carolee has the ability to access the sub-consciousious mind and ask the body what it needs to heal, or what it believes that is blocking access to a healthy body, a happy joyful existence or an abundant life. What are you holding onto from the past or the present that is limiting your ability to be your unlimited self

Chronic illness is always an attempt of the unconscious mind to communicate to the conscious mind. What message is the symptom trying to convey? The body or mind will continue to be sick as long as illness is the only way to communicate with the conscious mind. The message the symptoms are screaming can best be described as told by Dr Stephen and Beth Daniel from Quantum Techniques as one of the following:

1. A need to set a boundary. A need to say "No" to someone or something in the past or present. For example, every time Mary's extremely critical mother-in-law came over to her house to "advise" her on every aspect of her homemaking, Mary became nauseated and threw up. This forced the mother-in-law to leave. Mary cannot "stomach" her mother-in-law's "help". As a dutiful daughter-in-law within her culture, she cannot say "no". So her body does it for her. As with many symptoms, this becomes generalized to whenever Mary felt criticized or stressed. After a Mayo Clinic workup found nothing, she came to Quantum Techniques". Upon resolving the original trauma and setting conscious limits on her mother-in-law's "helpful" suggestions, Mary's symptoms went away.

2. A cry for a need to be met. Andrea developed "Multiple Sclerosis" in her mid 30's. Upon a psychological interview at her neurologist's request, one of the authors noticed the phenomenal degree of attentiveness her engineering husband had to her every need and whim. He commented to Andrea that he had never seen an engineer so compassionate to others. Andrea replied, "Oh, it wasn't that way for years! I had to beg for anything, and it still didn't matter! I thought I would die for lack of love and affection!" When asked when her husband's behavior changed, she replied, "When I developed MS." Andrea truly wanted to get well. She completely released her symptoms as she was able to dialogue with her husband to get her needs met. Her body no longer had to produce symptoms. She continued to dialogue with her husband when she was healthy.

3. A cry to go back and heal an old trauma in the person's life. Often symptoms are actual body memories of a past trauma. Steve had suffered from intense migraines for years. He had a number of significant head and neck injuries that weakened that area of his body. Healing did not occur until all of the internal parts carrying multiple childhood, adulthood and in-utero trauma came forward for healing. After many layers of parts were healed, there was a significant change in his migraines. Headaches are the most common symptom and signal that the conscious mind is trying to block emerging memories from coming into the persons awareness.

4. A demand that the person address and resolve a conscious conflict in his or her life.

Marilyn's mother died of breast cancer. Marilyn developed breast cancer at age 41. It became abundantly clear that she was living in a conscious conflict. She had a 19-year-old drug addicted son living in the home. He was stealing from the family and being physically abusive to Marilyn and his siblings. Because a good mom would never kick out her son, she refused to tell him to leave. The emotional suffering of being abused by him and watching him hurt others was unbearable. It was "eating her up" Marilyn's cancer became terminal and provided the solution to the "unsolvable" dilemma that her unconscious mind was unwilling to address.

Being wiling to address and resolve a conscious conflict had quite different results for Scott and Amy. They were caretakers for Scott's elderly and ailing parents in a home owned by both Scott and his parents. Scott developed cancer in his pancreas and colon. Scott immediately began QT treatments and supportive nutritional products/ The key to Scott's recovery was in dealing with a lack of forgiveness of a family member and resolving the conscious conflict in their home. Scott and Amy spent their days taking care of his parents and left no time for them. The day after learning of the cancer, Scott and Amy decided that they were willing to put his parents into a care facility, if needed. They made plans for an extended vacation and hired care providers during the day time. Today, Scott has no evidence of cancer and has used no other form of treatment.

5. A symbolic representation of a belief that is blocking healing,

a. Pain - "I must be punished for being a bad person."

b. Blindness - "I must turn a blind eye to mom's behavior and manipulation."

c. Hearing loss - "I can't stand to hear criticism or someone's screams."

d. Vaginal discomfort/infections - "I am not safe in my sexual relationship."

Dr Carolee always looks at the metaphorical meaning in the particular symptom or organ affected in the illness. Is there a chronic bladder problem because you are pissed off at someone in your life? Is your spinal instability (i.e. inability to hold a chiropractic adjustment) due to the instability and lack of support you feel in a relationship?

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Healing Solutions is by far the most cutting edge energy healing technique available in the world.

Dr Carolee has studied Dr Bradley Nelson's The Emotion Code and Body Code, and Three Dimensional Therapy (T-3) She loves them all and has enjoyed very much learning these very helpful therapies. She has enjoyed getting to visit with Dr Nelson, and Gwen and Leiloni in the process of becoming certified in these therapies. They are all wonderful tools for healing, and Dr Carolee will provide this type of healing upon request.

Dr Carolee uses Quantum Techniques as her healing method of choice because In learning all of these energy therapies, Dr Carolee can honestly say that there is nothing she has currently learned that surpasses Healing Solutions/Quantum Techniques in getting to the bottom of any health issue as quickly or efficiently.

Contact Dr Carolee to get started with your Quantum Techniques/Healing Solutions Session Today! Just fill out the form on this page and Dr Carolee will contact you within 24 hours to get you started. 

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